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Natural Ingredients

As an organization that thrives on the idea of planet sustainability, all our products are made from natural ingredients like bamboo, cornstarch and aloe extracts.

High Quality,

Premium Products

An all-natural product range, may make you question the quality of the services that we provide you with, but we can assure you that we only make our products with a superior quality of ingredients.

No Nasty 


We have a strict no nonsense policy when it comes to our all natural range of products, they contain NO chlorine. NO alcohol. NO preservatives. NO phthalates. NO fragrance. NO latex. NO PVC, TBT, formaldehyde, or antioxidants.



We believe in giving back to mama earth and hence all our products are eco-friendly and biodegradable.



Our main goal as a hygiene providing brand is to promote sustainability. And all our products are the spitting image of the same. We care for the planet in the same way that you care for your little bubba and hence we decided to merge them together and provide you with one quality product that will tick all the boxes.


Our wipes are 99.8% water which will leave your baby’s bum feeling fresh and hydrated. We can promise you that our wipes are the softest and the safest when it comes to your baby’s sensitive skin.


We wanted to create something that was not just limited to tiny bubs and hence we introduced Bamboo toothbrushes to our planet care range of products. These toothbrushes will provide you with utmost comfortable experience when it comes to dental hygiene.


They have super soft bristles that will be delicate on your teeth and gums but harsh on the impurities. These gentle toothbrushes cater dental hygiene to both, adult and babies.



Here at Progeny, we care for the planet as much as we care for the little bubbas, who need a clean and healthy experience when it comes to their soft and delicate baby bum. We have created a product that will not compromise with your baby’s health whilst saving the environment at the same time.


Our nappies are earth friendly, biodegradable and contain hypoallergenic ingredients. While you take care of your little ones by providing them with the best care possible, we’ll take care of the planet for them and their future.

Two Brands. One Misson.



Planet care gloves are an excellent way to not only protect your hands from impurities and chemicals but from the ongoing virus that has terrified the entire world. These are also a great option for people who are allergic to latex as our gloves are made from cornstarch and other renewable materials.


They are completely non-toxic and latex-free. They offer a comfortable fit and at the same time are strong and resistant to tears.


Our Mission

Our mission is to save the planet by making eco-friendly products. We hope to inspire as many people as we can to adapt to a lifestyle that is convenient and environmentally sustainable. However we want to create a balance between our customers and sustainability and so we have introduced an approach that has a two way benefit.


We provide you with products, which are high in quality, give you and your little one the utmost comfort and fulfill your expectations. While we strive to save the environment with the same products. While you make your little one’s present luxurious and healthy, we make sure that they have a secure environment to look forward to. We’re all taking baby steps towards a safer earth. 

Divya BhatiaPoint Cook VIC 


Eco-friendly, Super absorbent nappies.

Bought the bulk pack. Super satisfied with

the product and the service.

Highly recommend them.

Sara Buelow,  Hurstbridge VIC 


As a mother of three, I’ve tried them all.19 brands of nappies. I counted: Cloth, disposable, biodegradable, you name it. And I can honestly say, the progeny nappies have them all beat. They are so much better for the environment than all of the other options and are the only nappies that have lasted the real test of no over night leaks. I’m an official convert.

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