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Baby Wipes

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2 Variants Available



PlanetCare wipe is the perfect product that will shield and calm your little ones’ skin after every nappy change. These baby wipes are the softest and wettest wipes you will ever see in the market.


18 Packs 70 sheets )


65 gsm ( 20 by 20 cm )

More About PlanetCare Baby Wipes

We care for the planet in the same way that you care for your baby, and so, we’re dedicated to making wipes that will be beneficial for you and your child, whilst caring for our planet. PlanetCare wipes are not only compostable but are also flushable. They are convenient and easy to use.

Our wet wipe packaging comes with a resalable soft flow pack that significantly reduces the plastic content and simultaneously ensures that the moisture and the freshness of the wipes remain intact at all times. Formulated especially for little bubs, these wipes cause no discomfort and irritation. They are liberated from chemicals.

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