How are Progeny and PlanetCare nappies better for baby and better for the environment?

Both Progeny and PlanetCare nappies use chlorine free and 100% FSC certified fluff pulp as the absorbent filling in the nappy. Both the inner and outer nappy layers are made from bamboo fibre.

We source the fluff pulp in Progeny nappies from Denmark, while the fluff pulp in the PlanetCare nappies comes from the USA.

What are the core ingredients that are used to craft these earth-friendly nappies?

The ingredients in the nappies include:

Bamboo Fibre

Total chlorine free (TCF) fluff pulp (you have this listed twice in the PlanetCare nappies ingredients)

Sticky Tapes

Non-woven fabric

Super absorbency polymer

Progeny nappies also have listed Compostable resin from non-GMO Cornstarch.

How can I find the perfect nappy size for my baby?

All babies are different, which is why we size our nappies in both age and weight to help you choose the right size. As you can see there is some overlap between the nappy sizes, so as an example, if your 3-month-old is the height and weight of a 4-month-old you’re probably going to want to choose a medium rather than a small. However, if your premature 6-month-old is more the size and weight of a 3-month-old, you will probably want to choose the small rather than the medium.

When it’s time to reorder, if baby is in that “crossover” weight e.g., around 3 months old and weighing between 6 and 8 Kg, we’d generally suggest ordering the medium rather than the small as that would be better value for you.

Small (Size 2) : 0-3 months 3-8 kg

Medium (Size 3) : 4-11 months 6-11 kg

Large (Size 4) : 9-24 months 9 - 14 kg

X Large (Size 5) : 18-36 months 12 - 18 kg

Can you please explain how the nappy layers you use work to keep baby comfortable and dry?

The combination of fluff pulp that we use, and the bamboo fibre lining work together to maximise our nappies super-fast absorbency.

We use a high-quality bamboo fibre that is naturally processed to retain its absorbency as well as its bacteriostatic properties (bamboo is naturally able to stop bacteria from reproducing). This means that liquid is quickly drawn away from baby through the lining into the fluff pulp.

We then spare no effort to ensure the fluff pulp in baby’s nappy is the age appropriate quantity for maximum absorption and retention.

What makes Progeny and PlanetCare nappies different from local store-bought nappies?

Most commercially produced nappies which are purchased through local stores are not eco-friendly, biodegradable, or compostable and many contain chemicals and other toxins that can harm baby’s sensitive skin. They also take many hundreds of years to decompose.

Both our Progeny and PlanetCare nappies contain no harmful chemicals or toxins, are made from eco-friendly renewable and sustainable resources and have been shown to breakdown even under landfill conditions. By choosing Progeny or PlanetCare nappies you are making a purchase that is better for your baby, better for our environment and better for our planet’s future, and all at a price that is comparable with store bought nappies.

Where are your nappies manufactured and what safety tests do they undergo?

Our nappies are manufactured in China in an ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard) certified facility, with the finished product subject to independent tests, including the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Annex 4 Product Class 1 certification*.

*This is the standard for Articles for Babies and Toddlers.

Our Oeko-Tex certification can be confirmed here

How long do the nappies take to decompose?

For Progeny nappies, up to 80% of the nappy will decompose within 75 days, with the remainder biodegrading in approximately 2 years.

For PlanetCare nappies, up to 60% of the nappy will decompose within 90 days, with the remainder biodegrading in around 3 years.

By comparison, most store-bought nappies will take many hundreds of years to even begin to break down.

How long will the packaging take to decompose?

Our Progeny nappies come in an innovative (patent pending) Nappy briefcase which is the first of its kind in the world. Made from cardboard and paper, it can be reused and recycled.

PlanetCare’s packaging is made from Oxo-degradable* bags which are expected to degrade faster than traditional plastics.

*Oxo-degradable means that the plastic degrades by means of oxidation.


Baby Wipes

Why choose PlanetCare baby wipes?

PlanetCare wipes are the perfect product to clean, calm and protect your baby’s delicate skin after every nappy change. As well as being extra thick and soft to avoid abrasions, our wipes contain no nasty chemicals or fragrance to damage baby’s skin.

Our wipes meet the standards for being flushable and compostable and we only use the safest preservative and emulsifiers which have been assessed against the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep Cosmetics safety database.

Are the wipes biodegradable?

Our wipes are suitable for home composting and in addition meet the stringent overseas standards for flushability. We expect that Australia will soon be releasing the standard for flushability and are confident our product will meet this standard.

What are the ingredients in your baby wipes?

PlanetCare wipes are one of the softest in the industry with the liquid content made up of 99.8% pure water.

The other ingredients are:

Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Glyceryl Caprylate, Citric Acid, Silver Citrate, Glycerin, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Dehydroacetic Acid.

What are the exact dimensions of your wipes? How many wipes do one box of baby wipes contain?

We have two types; 20cm by 15cm (currently transitioning out) with 55 gsm thickness and it has 80 sheets in the pack. The new ones are 20cm by 20cm with 65gsm and have 70 sheets in the pack.

Is your product packaging also biodegradable?

The packaging for the wipes can be recycled.

Where are your Baby wipes manufactured?

Our wipes are produced in an ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Standard) facility in China.

Are Planet Care wipes safe for delicate and sensitive baby skin?

Yes, our PlanetCare wipes are safe for delicate and sensitive baby skin. The wipes have been tested by Dermatest GmBH in Germany and assessed to be safe for multiple skin types.

The liquid content of our wipes is 99.8% pure water, with the remainder being preservatives and emulsifiers assessed as non-toxic and safe for skin on the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database. The wipe itself is made from natural bamboo fibre, renowned for its softness, gentleness and non-allergenic qualities.

Are the wipes flushable?

Yes, the wipes are flushable.

We understand the concerns around wipes flushability as it relates to our sewerage system among others. Whilst the Australian Standard for wipes flushability is being developed, other jurisdictions like the UK already has a flushability certification:

Also, the EDANA (European trade association for the nonwovens industry) and INDA have provided guidelines for Flushability Assessment guidelines for Flushable wipes. Our wipes fabric has been positively assessed by the EDANA Flushability assessment guidelines (Fourth Edition). The assessment was conducted in Connecticut by one of the two.


PlanetCare Bamboo Toothbrushes

Why are you making your toothbrushes out of bamboo?

Every year in Australia we use around 50 million toothbrushes, and around 30 million of these will end up in landfill. Some of these toothbrushes end up being washed into our waterways, including the sea, where they harm our aquatic and marine life.

By using Bamboo, a renewable, sustainable, and importantly biodegradable and compostable product to make our toothbrushes we are not contributing to the increasing levels of plastic pollution.

Additionally, bamboo naturally fight bacteria making it one of the cleanest and most hygienic materials to use when cleaning your and, your families, teeth.

What are the toothbrush bristles made of?

At this time, a 100% plant based effective bristle is not available. However, we are continuing to conduct research and are hopeful that there will be a sustainable alternative in the future.

Are there different bristle colours available?

Our Adult toothbrushes come in the following options :

Soft bristle colours : Black (charcoal coated) and Cream

Medium bristle colours : White and Multi-coloured

Our children’s toothbrushes are both soft bristles and come in either white or multi-coloured bristles.

Where are these bamboo toothbrushes manufactured?

Our toothbrushes are produced in Vietnam and China in an ISO 9001 (Quality Management Standard) facility using FSC certified bamboo from an Eco-CERT bamboo farm and independent confirmation of quality.

What is minimum quantity of toothbrushes that can be bought?

We sell our toothbrushes in multiples of 6, but it’s your choice which 6 brushes are in your selection. You can select a mix of Adult and Child, different colours and bristle firmness, or all one type of brush, the choice is entirely up to you.


Hand Gloves

What can these hand gloves be used for?

PlanetCare Gloves are multipurpose gloves. They can be used for food handling, preparation and general Cleaning.

What are these hand gloves made out of?

Our gloves are made of (non-GMO) cornstarch, PBAT* and PLA*.


PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate), added to make the product degrade quickly enough to meet the home compostability criteria. It is incredibly biodegradable and decomposes in home compost leaving no toxic residue.

PLA (Polylactide), which is made from fermented corn starch, tapioca roots, sugarcane and other renewable sources.

Where are these hand gloves manufactured?

They are manufactured in China with TUV Austria* home-compostable certification.


TUV Austria, a leading testing, inspection, and certification company globally accredited and authorized to offer independent 3rd party Registration/Certification services.

Can I have the specific dimensions and thickness of the gloves? How many gloves are present in one packet of PlanetCare hand gloves?

Our hand gloves are size L, 28 cm length, 15 cm width, and able to be worn on either hand.

The thickness of disposable gloves in measured in mil, with most being between 4 and 8 mil thick. At 8 mil, our gloves are at the top end of thickness, ensuring greater durabilty and protection from foreign particles.

Each carton of hand gloves contains 20 packs, with each pack having 100 gloves. So you get 2,000 gloves in each carton.

Are these gloves compostable and eco-friendly?

Yes, the glove material is certified by TUV Austria* as home-compostable. They are 100% compostable within 3-6months.


TUV Austria, a leading testing, inspection, and certification company globally accredited and authorized to offer independent 3rd party Registration/Certification services.

Can your gloves be worn on either hand? Are they latex free?

Yes, our gloves can be worn with equal ease on either hand. Not only are our gloves latex free, but they are also powder free and non toxic.



Do you have a third-party shipping partner? Who is it?

Depending on the location and other factors, we generally use Sendle, Couriers Please, or Allied Transport.

What are your shipping charges?

We offer FREE Delivery to all parts of Australia.

How long will it take my orders to be delivered?

Delivery to capital cities is usually within 5-7 business days of order payment confirmation.

Regional cities and towns could take 10-14 business days, depending on the location.

Due to Covid-19 some deliveries are taking longer than usual.

How can I check the progress and the current location of my order?

When your order is despatched, you will receive an email with your tracking number. This will also be available in your order history under My Account after you have logged in. If you are having any problems with tracking your order, please contact us at

Do you offer international shipping?

We currently only ship to addresses within Australia. We are exploring options to extend our services to international addresses.

What if I am unavailable to receive my order?

The courier companies will be sending you a request to confirm options for delivery – including leaving your product in a safe area or front door of your house.


Purchasing, Returns and Exchange

Do you offer a subscription offer?

We don’t have a subscription offer as we would rather everyone was able to take advantage of our everyday low prices. However, we do look to reward our return customers with a small thank you “Nature’s gift”.

What should I expect with “Nature’s Gift” as a repeat customer?

Our ‘Nature’s Gift’ is intended to be a small token of our appreciation for you as a return customer. It will always be an item that will help you to reduce plastic around your home, such as a baby’s toothbrush, bamboo cotton buds or similar.

If I am unhappy with my product, can I return it?

If this is our error*, we’ll ship the right product to you immediately at no cost and, organise for the incorrect product to be returned to us, also at no cost to you.

However, if this was your error*, and you wish to exchange the product for the correct item, you will need to return the unopened product in its original packaging via registered mail You will also need to pre-pay postage for the replacement product (we will advise of the cost) and any additional product costs. The replacement product will not be sent until we have received the returned incorrect product and determined that it is in resaleable condition.

I have received the wrong product, is it possible for me to exchange it?

If this is our error* we’ll ship the right product to you immediately no cost.

However, if this was your error*, you will need to inform us within two days of receiving the order. Otherwise, to provide an exchange, you will need to return the incorrect products via registered post with pre-paid postage. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

*as indicated by the order details in our system

I have placed an order by mistake, can I cancel it and get a refund?

If you have placed an order by mistake you will need to contact us urgently at Please ensure your email is highlighted as urgent. Providing we receive advice prior to despatch of the goods we will be able to cancel your order and refund your money. However, please understand that once your order is in transit it is extremely unlikely that we would be able to cancel your order. In this case your only option would be to return the item to us, at your expense, once you have received it.

Do you want to give people the option of calling the mobile number? If so those details will need to be included.

How can I update/ change my payment/address details?

Update/change of address and payment details can be done in your account settings.

Where can I view my previous orders?

Log into your account and click on the ‘My Orders’ option. You will be able to see all your previous orders here. Please note that an order you have just placed may not show up here immediately.

What is the process for a refund?

This answer is inconsistent with your terms and conditions and other answers, it would be better to say:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us at to discuss. Refunds are issued under a limited set of circumstances, and you should be aware that dependent on your reasons you may incur the cost of returning the product to us by registered mail.


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