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Freaky Clean


Australia is the land of pristine beaches and iconic wildlife, and it is now the birthplace of Freaky Clean Anti-Bacterial Wipes.

Proudly Australian, these wipes embody the spirit of a sunburnt country that knows a thing or two about tracking life's hot messes.

Proudly Australian

Our wipes are born and bred to combat the chaos, leaving behind a landscape of pristine cleanliness.

Daily Living Essentials

From everyday spills to high touch surfaces in the kitchen, workplaces or bathroom tubs, Freaky Clean Antibacterial wipes takes the lead in household cleaning.
The effectiveness extends beyond the ordinary, elevating cleaning to new heights.

Cleanses and Sanitises

Thorough cleaning is not just a promise;
it’s a Freaky Clean commitment.
These wipes are also not just about surface-tidying; they sanitises and protects from bacteria.

A scent-sational, gentle powerhouse.     

Life’s a roller-coaster, but your cleaning routine shouldn’t be. Introducing Freaky Clean Antibacterial wipes – your ticket to a refreshing, aromatic cleaning experience.


These wipes bring a gentle touch to surfaces and skin, ensuring a delightful cleaning journey.

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