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Progeny Nappies


Ultra Absorbent.

Our nappies are lightweight, ultra-absorbent, and comfortable enough to give your bub the comfort to play, and explore. We want to do our part to ensure you enjoy every precious moment with your little one without worrying about how it’s going to affect the world they’re going to grow up in.

Our quality assurance goes beyond the bare-bottomed minimum to give you peace of mind.


Premium Quality

Snug Fit

Nappies made with love and premium quality ingredients that provide full coverage and a snug fit minimising the risk of leakage.

Made with


Ultra-absorbent, eco-friendly nappies

made with high quality bamboo from an ECO-CERT certified bamboo farm, for your peace of mind.

80% Biodegradable

in 75 days

Extensive testing at our SGS (standard global services) facility* in China confirms that 80 % of our Progeny Nappy will biodegrade in 75 days

No nasty


Free from chlorine, alcohol, nasty preservatives, phthalates, fragrance, latex,

PVC, TBT, formaldehyde and antioxidants.*

*Generally, when we talk about antioxidants, we are referring to those food groups high in antioxidants and, their associated health benefits.  However, there are actually two vastly different groups of antioxidants.  Firstly, those naturally occurring compounds occurring in food with their associated health benefits and, secondly industrial chemicals that are added to products to prevent oxidation. Industrial antioxidants are added to food and cosmetics as a preservative, and to substances such as rubber and synthetic plastics to inhibit oxidation and extend their lives.


Comfort starts from 

the Cradle

Here at Progeny Stores we put your baby first, our soft, biodegradable nappies provide an unmatched comfort and freedom so that your little one can explore the world to their heart’s content. Conventional disposable nappies generally contain ingredients that can irritate baby’s sensitive skin, and often contain known toxins.


What makes us different from these conventional nappies is the fact that we use all natural ingredients like bamboo fibre and aloe extracts, which are safe and non-toxic. You can be assured that our premium quality nappy will be comfortable for your baby and, you can take comfort knowing that you are providing your precious baby with a comfortable, non-toxic nappy, that is also working to protect your baby’s future.



12 - 18 kgs

18 - 36 Months


9 - 14 kg

9 - 24 



6 - 11 kgs

4 - 11 Months


3 - 8


0 -3


Our Creations

Keeping your baby happy and dry while securing their future.

Bamboo fiber

Diaper Illustration.png

Natural Aloe Liner

Elastic Waistband

Triple Strength Side Tabs

Leak Guards

Super Absorbent Core

Ultra-breathable Back Sheet

Soft Feel Frontal Tape

The premium 3M material ensures

a comfortable fit.

Our nappies main ingredient is bamboo fibre which enables it to swiftly whisk away moisture to keep baby’s skin soft and silky.

A full coverage nappy that fits perfectly. Our leak guards ensure zero leakage keeping you and baby happy.

These adjustable tabs are imported from Germany, the triple strength reduces the chance of the nappy coming apart when you don’t want it to!  They allow your baby to move more freely while giving you peace of mind.

Perforated bamboo fibre ensures a perfect fit around baby’s waist while also allowing fresh air to circulate, helping to keep baby’s skin dry.

Crafted with a high-quality, super absorbent material that will soak up all the moisture and will keep your little one dry.

Nourishes and naturally moisturises baby’s sensitive skin to reduce the risk of nappy rash and other skin problems.

Our ultra-breathable back sheet (the back outer layer of baby’s nappy) allows for increased airflow to baby’s bottom, reducing the impact of moisture on baby’s skin and helping to reduce the incidence of nappy rash. A comfortable baby is a calmer and happier baby.

Wet Indicator

Our Wet Indicator is made from a non-toxic glue material, providing a convenient system that will always let you know when it’s time for a change.


Our Promise

We work hard to fulfill our promise to keep your little one happy and comfortable, while at the same time making sure Mother Earth is well taken care of.


The nappies we’ve created are landfill biodegradable with up to 80% of the nappy components naturally biodegrading via microorganism actions and other biological activities, and the remainder degrading over a much shorter time than conventional disposable nappies.


Progeny Stores, inspiring a convenient environmentally sustainable lifestyle by making eco-friendly products a compelling choice.

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