Progeny Nappies


Ultra Absorbent.

Our nappies are lightweight, ultra-absorbent, and comfortable enough to give your bub the comfort to play, and explore. We want to do our part to ensure you enjoy every precious moment with your little one without worrying about how it’s going to affect the world they’re going to grow up in.

Our quality assurance goes beyond the bare-bummed minimum to give you peace of mind.

High Premium

Snug Fit

Nappies made with love and high quality ingredients that provide a full coverage

and minimize the risk of leakage.

Made with


Ultra-absorbent, eco-friendly nappies

made with the high quality bamboo

for your peace of mind.

80% Biodegradable

in 75 days

They’re as gentle to the environment

as they are to your bub.

No nasty


Liberated from chemicals chlorine, alcohol, preservatives, phthalates, fragrance, latex,

PVC, TBT, formaldehyde and antioxidants.

Comfort starts from 

the Cradle

Here at Progeny Stores we put your bub first, our soft, biodegradable nappies provide an unmatched comfort and freedom so that your little one can explore the world to their heart’s content. Many nappies are likely to cause discomfort and irritation in your baby’s sensitive skin.


What makes us different from these conventional nappies is the fact that we use all natural ingredients like bamboo fiber and aloe extracts, which are safe and non-toxic. Our high-quality creation promises to give comfort to you and your baby.


12 - 18 kgs

18 - 36 Months


9 - 14 kg

9 - 24 



6 - 11 kgs

4 - 11 Months


3 - 8


0 -3


Our Creations

Keeping all baby bums happy and dry while securing their future.

100% Bamboo fiber

Natural Aloe Liner

Elastic Waistband

Triple Strength Side Tabs

Leak Guards

Super Absorbent Core

Safe Glue Wet Indicator

Ultra-breathable Back Sheet

Soft Feel Frontal Tape

The premium 3M material ensures

a comfortable fit.

The nappy is made with bamboo fiber which enables it to swiftly whisk away moisture to keep baby’s skin soft and silky.

A full coverage nappy that fits perfectly and ensures zero leakage, keeping the bubbas happy.

These adjustable tabs are imported

from Germany, they enable you

bub to move more freely.

Perforated bamboo fiber allows for fresh air circulation while keeping the baby’s skin dry.

Crafted with a high-quality, super absorbent material that will soak up all the moisture and will keep your little one dry.

Nourishes and naturally moisturizes baby’s sensitive skin to reduce the risk of nappy rash and other skin problems.

Allows for quieter release, keeping

your little one clam and happy.

A convenient system, that will always let you know when it’s time for a change.


Our Promise

At our store we fulfill our promise to make your little ones happy and make sure Mother Earth is well taken care of.  Our nappies are biodegradable and compostable with of the nappy components* naturally degrading via microorganism action and other biological activities.

*up to 80%

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