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Planetcare Hand Gloves

Compostable. Ambidextrous. Durable.

PlanetCare gloves are an ideal alternative to stay clean while being environmentally friendly. These gloves have been specifically designed to cater to your comfort, they will accommodate your hands with ease, without irritation. These are also a great option for people who are allergic to latex as our gloves are made from non-GMO Cornstarch and other renewable materials. 

They are completely non-toxic, powder-free and latex-free. They offer a comfortable fit and at the same time are strong and resistant to tears.  Our eco-friendly and compostable gloves give you a gentler way to protect yourself and the people around you!


Made with Natural Ingredients

We make certain that our gloves have nothing to do with contributing to plastic waste in our landfill as they are crafted out of non-toxic,

renewable and natural materials.

Thick and


Easy to Wear

PlanetCare gloves are large,

ambidextrous and convenient. We bring you an experience that is comfortable

and easy to wear. They’re a large size of 260mm x 292mm.

Our gloves are crafted with a thickness of 20 microns. This special feature provides you with extra protection from foreign particles whilst making the product more durable when compared to most conventional gloves. 

Earth Friendly

and Compostable

Our gloves are made from materials that have been certified by TUV AUSTRIA as home -compostable. They’re both gentle on our hand and our plane.


Gentle on our Hands,

Gentle on our Planet

Over 50 million plastic gloves that are thrown into a landfill daily in Australia. Some of these gloves wash into our rivers and seas and cause devastating harm to aquatic and marine lives.

PlanetCare offers a responsible and healthier approach to making gloves that ensures work safety for cleaning homes and offices, better hygiene in food preparation and handling, and protects our aquatic lives.


As an organization that deeply empathizes with the environment, we are taking baby steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle and we seek your support.


Make the change today for a better tomorrow!

Our Special Features

Conveniently Fit

The conventionally larger size of the hand glove makes it a convenient fit.


Crafted with natural ingredients, making it easy to dispose and compost.

Anti-static properties

Will eliminate the possibility of static friction/electricity while working.


No Irritation

Non-toxic in nature, they provide an irritation-free experience.

Latex Free

Made with natural ingredients, they are earth-friendly and


Powder Free

Will eliminate the possibility of toxic powder residue on your hands after usage, any form of allergy.

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