Bamboo Toothbrushes

Sleek. Vegan.


PlanetCare’s eco-friendly toothbrushes are a daring advance towards creating environmentally friendly, durable, and gentle toothbrushes.

The brush handle is meticulously crafted out of 100% natural bamboo wood which allows for firmness and durability, and also ensures that it will biodegrade easily, and naturally. Our brush fibres boast delicate bristle fibres that allow for gentle cleaning of your teeth and gums. To top all of that, we add a high-quality finish to our toothbrushes, making it water-resistant and stopping the growth of nasty microbes so that you and your bubba are happy and healthy.

Earth Friendly Natural

Bamboo Handle

Crafted from 100% Bamboo Culm from Eco-CERT certified Bamboo farm.

Toxic-free, Ethical

and Hygienic

Made with high quality to offer superior dental care in an ISO 9001 Factory.

The bristles are BPA-free.

Aesthetics with

High Performance

Designed with soft bristles that are harsh on impurities but delicate on gums, very smooth look and feel, offering non-slip grasp for profound cleaning.

Suitable for all

Age Groups

Available in different sizes that cater to the dental needs of adults as well as our little bubbas.


Commitment to an

all-natural way of life

Every year, we use an estimated 50 million toothbrushes in Australia. A large majority of these come with plastic handles. About 30 million ends up in the landfill. Every year! A recent finding of marine debris by CSIRO indicates some of these ends up in our seas, causing havoc to marine lives.

PlanetCare toothbrush provides an ethical and healthier choice that’s practical and functional for you and your family. A choice to live a healthier, ethical and responsible lifestyle that sustains our planet for future generations.

Why Bamboo?

Loved by pandas all around the world, bamboo is a multipurpose plant that has a low maintenance ratio. It regenerates almost immediately and requires minimal care as compared to other plants. It thrives even without manure and pesticides. Processing Bamboo to produce usable products like toothbrush handles comes with a low carbon footprint. A switch to Bamboo toothbrush is a baby step towards convenience, healthier lifestyle and environmental responsibility!

At Progeny Stores, we are committed to using Bamboo as a simple and practical alternative to replace plastics in our lives, reduce landfill waste and save our marine lives.

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